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Fans, walks, and comebacks

Those who tuned into MASN2 this evening got to see alot of green. Nope not the well manicured grass at the yard, it was the empty seats that snuck their way into almost every shot. The occasional grouping of fans looked like they might need a row boat to get out of the sea of forest green. Ah well, everyone knows the reasons why this is the only sea I know of that couldn’t manage a wave. Whether it is the new attraction in DC, hatred of Peter “Loss” Angelos, the minor league roster playing at Camden, or that every fair weather baseball fan in Maryland has decided to become part of Red Sox nation. I actually saw about 30 or 40 Red Sox hats and shirts on opening day, I mean really come on.

Daniel Cabrera is not the super star talent he was thought to be. Bottom line. There is not much to say where D-Cab is concerned, he is just not a top of the rotation option. He might be a five. I hope against all hope that he proves me wrong, but he didn’t in his debut tonight and he won’t.

On a positive note the O’s made the crowd that showed up tonight a pretty happy bunch with the comeback win. I hope they can make this a habit, then my season tickets might be worth it. I for one, am not down about this team, maybe just the fan support.  






Is there anybody out there???

Besides Baltimore’s second favorite son, Brooks Robinson, there doesn’t seem to be a soul out there interested in writing or commenting about the O’s. This team has been my obsession since the days when Johnny Oates, may he rest in peace,  first graced the top step at the Yard. Granted that might not seem like very long to some but for me it has been a lifetime. A lifetime spent mostly shaking my head while muttering what should be our new motto, "****** not again."

But I have had some great nights in the bleachers at Oriole Park. It has been a while though, my rooting interest has become almost selfish when I attend a game. I just hope they win when I show up so that fifty bucks isn’t a waste. Although those nachos with the jalapenos and salsa and about 10 Natty Bo’s definitely makes for a good time. Lately in Baltimore we take what we can get and sometimes a cheap seat, a buzz, and a full stomach is all we can hope for.

So, I am going to write about my boys in orange and black and hopefully someone will take notice. I want to know what you, my fellow fans, think about our roster, trades, and the atmosphere around our ball club. Let me know, I am all ears and I will definitely let you all know what I think.