Tejada to Houston

Today Miguel Tejada’s career as a Baltimore Orioles is over. For me it was an inevitability, one that I have been resigned to. I wish him good luck and hope he can find success in the NL.

As for the trade……right now I think it was a mistake. The trade would have been better served to yeild just one YOUNG position player who can be an oriole for years to come. As it stands,  we have Luke Scott a 29 year-old utility outfielder who is not "the future" for us. Three pitchers who weren’t the prize prospects of the Astro organization and Michael Constanzo, who may be the most promising of the players we recieved. I admit this is a knee jerk reaction for me, I hope to hear from Andy in the upcoming hours and find out the methodology behind this deal.


Some rather revealing words

Orioles.com gave this revealing paragraph that is absolutely the best way to describe the Orioles situation:

The bottom line is that Baltimore is actively looking to change things up, but it’s not willing to take a loss to do it. When asked if he’d consider it a disaster to go into next season with his roster intact, MacPhail issued a telling quip. "It’s not a disaster," he said. "It’s certainly not Plan A, though. I can tell you that."

Now B-Rob is on the block………

Winter Meetings: A Slow Burn

According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Angels are telling teams they have no urgency to go out and get a third baseman after missing out on Miguel Cabrera.  As far as Miguel Tejada goes, the Halos haven’t even met with the Orioles. That said, Ken Rosenthal did indicate that the Angels are in the mix for Scott Rolen.

Tuesday ended with 11 teams expressing interest in Erik Bedard.  Let’s start a new thread for today’s rumors. Geoff Baker cautiously names the Mariners the frontrunners for Bedard, now that the Dodgers have vowed not to give up Jonathan Broxton.  He says the front office is salivating over Bedard and could offer up some combination of Adam Jones, Wladimir Balentien, Brandon Morrow, and George Sherrill.

All the rumors continue, Andy and the O’s are certainly not jumping the gun on these deals. I get the feeling that Andy is as much up in the air about the future of his club as are the residents of the rumor mill. His only plan at this point is to be patient, wait out these other deals and find a suitor for Tejada and make his decision on Bedard. There is certainly no shortage of buyers but are the Orioles ready to be sellers? My guess is the market dictates that there is no time better than the present to rebuild this team.

Waiting Game

First guys, I’m excited to see any kind of passion about the birds, negative or positive. As to the question on Miggy, my general opinion is that his game and his attitude have taken a dive in the past two years. When he first arrived in B-more I loved his enthusiasm, I loved his energy, I thought he was going to be our MVP. But Mig couldn’t handle the losing and has become a clubhouse infection, from what I have read and heard from some insiders he and Mora have split that clubhouse and fostered alot of negativity. His public request for a trade, some statements he made last season referring to Luis Hernandez and the O’s search for a replacement at short, and his involvement with Palmeiro (I shutter at the thought of him) that may be clarified further by George Mitchell; have all given O’s fans a sour taste. Possibly a sorry end to a once promising Baltimore career.

Along that line it, it looks like the Angels have become an even more interesting fit for Miggy with the departure of Orlando Cabrera. I really have quit reading Miggy rumors and am resigned to his departure, I just hope that Andy Mac gets us a good return.

A couple of questions for you:

What do you think a good return would?

  -angels? Willits, Aybar, Santana, Adenhart (who I played Little League with)

Does anyone think Daniel Cabrera should be moved to the end of our bullpen?

-I know the organization has said he doesn’t have the make up to be a closer but it is evident he doesn’t have the make up to be a starter so why not give it a shot, right?