A little less tongue and cheek

From the analytical baseball side of the Bedard deal I think the effect for the Orioles is two fold.

First, an injection of youth into a franchise that last year was infected with malcontents and players past their prime should give the O’s a new outlook and hopefully a different dynamic. That being said, they didnt get rid of the bulk of their useless vets (Millar, Huff, Payton, Gibbons), only two of their best players and Patterson via free agency. The hope is that Mora, Hernandez, Walker, Bradford and all the rest buy into the idea of rebuilding and help the youngsters in stead of focusing on the july 31 trade deadline. I think that will be Dave Trembley’s greatest challenge this season but if he can get this team to gel it will bode well for the future of this franchise, both in developing the youth and changing the club’s direction.

Second, any 5 for 1 deal is a win for the team giving up the one, depending on the depth of the scouting done on the prospects coming back and luck to I guess. But what the Tejada and Bedard deals both have done is yield an Orioles  organization that is more than healthy on the mound from top to bottom, from Frederick to Baltimore.It might just be the best crop of young minor league pitchers in the AL. You have Liz, Olson, Patton, Albers, Loewen, Penn clogging up the top end of the organization pushing some of the others youngsters down a level and spreading the talent  throughout the farm system. If pitching wins titles, as AM clearly thinks it does, and just a few of these pitchers pan out 2010 or 11 for that matter could find the O’s back over the .500 mark and maybe alot more.


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