Back to the Future

Hey O’s Fans its time for the long awaited Andy McPhail rebuildin’ a franchise hoedown. Two steps forward, one step back… step forward, two steps back….now grab your prospect and docey doe.

Just thought I’d throw that in for everyone in the rumor mill who has been taking this trade fiasco so seriously over the past week or so. I for one stayed away from the blogesphere, I knew that a trade was going to get done and to speculate why, how, or when just gets so tiring sometimes. So yesterday as I watched the Anita Marks Show on MASN and the magical words scrolled across the bottom of the screen I was elated!! It seems like I was almost as excited to share my opinions with you all as Bedard was to get the heck out of Baltimore.

Now, if you would like statistical analysis of the trade I can’t provide it,there are plenty of qualified folks on the web who will tell you the shoe size and favorite food of a prospect anyway.  If you want a longtime dedicated orioles fanatic’s opinion on the McPhail moves read on.

I think in some of my earlier blogs I simply took all the news of the day and turned it into a knee jerk reaction, which is common in the world of sports journalism these days ( just watch Skip Bayless on 1st and 10). But with this one I have been thinking for a while and I think I know what I want to say.


Right now I am just imagining how good it will feel when Markakis, Jones, Weiters, hopefully Roberts, and company take us to the playoffs in 2010. I am more than ready to start over and rebuild my faith as a fan, as the Orioles rebuild their franchise. I am ready to grow with this team and support it through these next couple of years until the young talent puts us ahead of the Sox and Yanks. Granted we have a long way to go but I am ready to take that long journey, one that actually is mapped out, not just wondering around in the dark as it has been for the last decade. We are truly going ‘back to the future’ in B-more…….

Quick Question :

In that parody who is the Doc and who is Marty McFly for the O’s? Can somebody get Andy McPhial the De Lorean ASAP, ’cause at this point I am so excited about the future that I just can’t wait.



  1. Michael

    I’m thinking 2010 might be a bit soon, 2011 probably. Tillman & Butler probably won’t make the majors until mid 2010. Can’t see Roberts staying either, Sean Gallagher & somebody from the Cubs maybe. I could also see MacPhail dealing Baez, Bradford, Walker & Sherrill (any or all) between the All-Star break & trading deadline. He could get that AA or Single-A prospect that end up working out…Smoltz, Bagwell, Sizemore.

    The O’s have some pieces in place, but so do the Yankees & Red Sox; eventually all things mighty fall, but when?


    Ok, deal’s done and we move on. I’m wondering what folks think, however, as they may compare what Oakland got in return for Haren vs. what the Birds gained for Bedard? In my book, Bedard’s a higher value and the O’s should have received more value. Did we?

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