Steroids? What Steroids???

I don’t really know whether George Mitchell and his fellow investigators think that the public is naive or that they really believe the **** they are slinging. To make suggestions about how baseball can clean up the steroid mess is one thing, to enter into the court of public opinion and make accusations that are mostly based on testimony that wasn’t under any oath and is otherwise here say is quite another. To think that this report and the names presented in it will somehow quench the public thirst for knowledge on the steroid era is to me a ridiculous notion. Two thirds of the information is just the re-telling of other investigations and the rest of it was gathered for club house attendants and trainers who were facing further prosecution if they didn’t talk. George, let me just say this, I get the point of this whole thing and I even agree with the recommendations you laid out for Bud, but to include names of some of these players just because that is what people wanted to read is ludicrous. The only real concrete evidence I see that someone actually did steroids is either by their own admission or by a witness who said they actually injected them, i.e. Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite.

Brian Roberts? included because Larry Bigbie remembers a brief conversation they once had….how on earth do you think that would stand up in the court of public opinion or in any court for that matter? I haven’t had time or even wanted to take the time to read the whole entire thing but I focused mainly on the Orioles mentioned and I will tell you that if I was B-Rob and I was innocent, I would be on the roof-time shouting Bull **** Bull **** Bull ****.


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